FierCo Vacuum Disperser

FierCo Vacuum disperser is a device used for dispersing, stirring, and mixing in a vacuum environment.

It combines the advantages of dispersion technology and vacuum technology and is suitable for processing sensitive, volatile, or easily oxidized materials.

Why Choose FierCo as Your Vacuum Disperser Manufacturer?

For the treatment of large amounts of bubble materials and volatile solvents, FierCo, as a leading vacuum disperser manufacturer, has completely solved this problem.

FierCo’s high speed of the vacuum disperser can reach 2930rpm (high power is 1450rpm), which can quickly and evenly disperse the powder into the liquid material. Due to the extremely high shear force, the material is dispersed evenly and forms a good suspension effect. Optional frame-type wall scraping mixing (fixed low speed 48rpm) makes it easier to clean the mixing tank

By vacuuming, the materials are dispersed in the vacuum container to reduce the evaporation of bubbles and solvents.

Dispersion in a vacuum state can accelerate the dispersion fineness of the material and make the material quickly degassed.

FierCo Vacuum disperser has a simple design and structure, high vacuum degree, easy operation, and wide application.

FierCo can provide a custom-designed vacuum disperser to suit your application requirements.

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Low Matreial Loss

Vacuum high speed disperser's cover and mixing tank are designed in a closed manner, without leakage and reducing material loss;

Vacuum Dispersion

Vacuum degassing, no bacterial contamination, vacuum degree can reach -0.07mpa. explosion-proof type customized according to requirements.


FierCo vacuum disperser can be used for coatings, dyes, pigments, paints, inks, adhesives, resins, ointments and other chemical products.

Features of FierCo Vacuum Disperser

1. High dispersion efficiency and good product quality

Quickly and evenly disperse powder materials into liquid materials. Due to the extremely high shear force, the materials are evenly dispersed and form a good suspension effect.

2. Easy to operate and safe

The oil cylinder is a lifting actuator and is equipped with a control valve to control the rise, stop, and descent of the dispersing machine.  simple operation, high stability;  quick disassembly and replacement, easy to clean. Different dispersing disks can be replaced according to process conditions.

3. Various methods
FierCo Vacuum disperser has a compact structure and can be made into floor-standing or platform types, and the cylinder can be designed to be either movable or fixed.

4. Strong non-standards
Various types of non-standard products can be customized, such as explosion-proof type, sealed type, type with lifting cover, coaxial/biaxial composite type, multi-cylinder type in one machine, kettle type, etc. The materials can be customized according to requirements.

FierCo vacumm disperser

Improve your dispersing efficiency with FierCo Vacuum stirring machine

If you have any questions or need further information about the design details and components of the FierCo vacuum disperser, we welcome your inquiry.

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