FierCo Twin Shaft Disperser

FierCo Dual Twin Shaft Disperser is a common stirring and mixing equipment, that is widely used in the suspension, dispersion, mixing, and homogenization processes in chemical, pharmaceutical, coating, pigment, food, and other industries.

Dual-shaft design

The Dual Shaft Stirrer uses two parallel rotating shafts, with dispersing blades installed on each shaft. This design produces stronger dispersion and shear forces

High power output

The double-shaft disperser is equipped with a high-power motor and transmission device, which provides powerful driving force to make the dispersing blades rotate faster.


The dual-shaft disperser can achieve different dispersion effects by adjusting the rotation speed and blade angle to meet different material and process requirements.

Twin Shaft Disperser Machine Manufacturer In China - FierCo

FierCo Biaxial dispersers are widely used in the chemical and manufacturing industries to prepare various suspensions, emulsions, pigments, colloids, dyes, coatings, and other products to achieve the purpose of dispersion, mixing, and homogenization.

Twin-shaft dispersers can be customized and adjusted to specific needs to meet your requirements for different industries and applications.

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FierCo twin shafe disperser mixer can be widely used in the dispersion, stirring and mixing of medium and high viscosity materials in production, product development, experiments and other fields of biology, medicine, fine chemicals, cosmetics, health products, food and other industries.


All custom Twin Shaft Dispersers are relatively cost-effective. Its affordability provides the most efficient and practical use of the budget that is likely to support your projects start.

Custom Available

Various types of non-standard twin-shaft dispersing mixers can be customized, such as explosion-proof type, sealed type, type with lifting cover, coaxial/biaxial composite type, multi-cylinder type in one machine, kettle type, etc. The materials can be customized according to requirements.

FierCo Twin Shaft Disperser Machine Benefit

1. Efficient

The Dual Shaft Homogenizer can provide high shear force and turbulence effect to quickly and effectively complete the dispersion, mixing, and homogenization process, saving time and improving production efficiency.

2. Flexibility

The Dual Shaft Mixer can be adjusted and customized as needed to suit different process requirements and product characteristics. For example, you can choose different stirrers or dispersing discs, and adjust the rotation speed and working capacity.

3. Uniformity

Through the simultaneous rotation and stirring of the two shafts, more uniform dispersion, mixing, and homogenization effects can be achieved to ensure the consistency of product quality.

4. Controllability

Twin-shaft dispersers are usually equipped with a control system that can monitor and adjust parameters such as rotation speed, time, and temperature in real-time to ensure precise control of the process.

twin shaft hydraulic high-speed disperser

Improve your dispersing efficiency with FierCo twin shaft dispersers

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