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Professional filling machine sales team, automation equipment production team and after-sales support team to protect you

Fier professional foreign trade sales department

Confirm the design plan for the filling equipment

When we receive your inquiry, our sales team will contact you, and we will provide you with videos and pictures of the corresponding filling products for your reference to understand your specific needs, such as filling raw materials, filling Detailed issues such as the size of the container, filling efficiency, local voltage and power, equipment layout, whether explosion-proof properties are required, etc. Confirming the production plan of the equipment is the beginning of our cooperation.We will calculate it as soon as possible and provide you with a detailed quotation information to lay a solid foundation for our cooperation

Fier excellent design and production department


In the past 10 years, we have already had rich full-line design experience. When our quotation plan is approved by you, our engineering team will design the equipment or the entire liquid filling line based on the quotation information, your factory layout, raw material product characteristics, container size, etc. We will send you the design plan later and ask for your opinions again. We will optimize and modify the drawings of the filling equipment according to your needs until you are satisfied.


Production is a key part of the product, and it is also the stage where Fier shows its strength. We will produce in strict accordance with the final drawings of the filling equipment design determined by you. All front-line production technical employees have worked in mechanical equipment production for more than 8 years and have at least 5 years of experience in the production of automation equipment. An effective production system helps us save output and ensure machine assembly quality.

Fier professional foreign trade sales department


You can choose to have training at our factory or a customer workshop. Normal training days are 5-7 days. We provide corresponding product operation manuals. We will also provide training videos and machine operation videos. Of course, we provide remote control services.

Technical support:

Our professional technical after-sales service team will provide you with technical professional services. Whether it is about the operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of filling equipment, our technical engineers will provide you with timely guidance and professional support. solution.

Parts Supply:

If you need replacement parts for your equipment, we offer fast and reliable parts supply. We ensure the supply of original parts to ensure the performance and reliability of your equipment.



After-sales feedback and improvements

We are committed to providing you with comprehensive after-sales service to ensure you get the best results and value when using our machinery and equipment.

Your opinion is our greatest driving force for progress and we value customer feedback, so we encourage you to provide us with feedback on our products and services. We will take your opinions seriously and continuously improve our products and services to meet your needs and expectations.