Fier Quality Control

As a professional manufacturer of automated filling machinery, we know the importance of product quality. We focus on product quality at all levels to ensure that every filling machine equipment and every automatic filling machine production line we provide you is trustworthy.

Fier Quality control of raw materials and filling machine parts

Fier has established long-term cooperative relationships with suppliers. Fier has formulated strict procurement standards and clarified the technical requirements and quality indicators of raw materials. We conduct comprehensive quality inspections on every batch of raw materials. We use advanced testing equipment and methods to conduct visual inspection, physical performance testing, chemical composition analysis, etc. on raw materials to ensure that they meet our quality standards. Of course, Fier has also established a complete supply chain management system to ensure that the quality of raw materials is traceable and controllable. We have established a good communication and cooperation mechanism with our suppliers, obtain relevant quality information promptly, and take necessary measures to resolve any quality issues. Fier is also constantly optimizing quality control measures for raw materials and filling machine parts and components to adapt to changes in the market and customer needs.

Quality control in Fier production areas

Fier also conducts multiple quality inspection links during the production process, including secondary inspection of raw materials, intermediate product inspection, and final product inspection, to ensure product quality at each stage. For unreasonable products encountered during the production process, Fier will take rework, correction, measures and even scrapping according to the degree of the unqualified products to ensure that the unqualified products will not enter the next production stage or be delivered to customers.

Fier emphasizes employee training, ensuring front-line production technicians have the necessary skills and knowledge to perform quality control tasks. At the same time, Fier also focuses on cultivating employees’ quality awareness so that they understand the importance of quality to products and customers. Fier is committed to continuously improving the quality control system by monitoring and analyzing quality data, identifying potential problems, and taking corrective measures to improve product quality and production efficiency.

Product quality determines Fier's success and competitiveness.

Excellent product quality is the cornerstone of Fier’s long-term development and customer trust. When you choose Fier as your filling machine manufacturer you can rest assured knowing that we will deliver high-quality liquid filling machines to provide your business with lasting value and business success.


Filling machinery product quality is closely related to production efficiency.

High-quality filling machinery products can not only help you reduce scrap and failure rates, and reduce downtime and maintenance costs but also improve your production efficiency and have a positive impact on the production efficiency of the entire product.