FierCo Planetary Disperser Mixer

The Planetary Disperser Mixer machine is suitable for mixing and stirring of high viscosity materials.

FierCo planetary dispersing mixer uses the planetary motion of two frame-shaped dispersion blades in the barrel to enable the materials to meet the mixing requirements in a short time.

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FierCo planetary dispersing mixer adopts a combined design of high-speed dispersion and low-speed frame mixing. The frame mixing can be equipped with a wall-scraping device to prevent materials from contaminating.

The dispersion blades for planetary mixers are generally divided into two types: anchor type and butterfly type. Better mixing forms can be designed for materials with different viscosities specific gravity and different production process requirements.

Our planetary mixer disperser not only completes the high-speed dispersion function, but also overcomes the poor fluidity of high-viscosity chemical materials, and realizes functions such as dispersion, dissolution, particle refinement, stirring, and mixing.

If you need custom planetary disperser mixer services, choose FierCo as your manufacturer!

Custom Available

Non-standard products can be customized, such as explosion-proof, vacuum, heating, and intelligent with PLC control. The materials can be customized or sprayed with special materials according to your requirements.

Easy to clean

A scraper is installed on the mixer and scrapes closely against the drum wall to ensure that the movable scraper completely scrapes off the material on the drum wall when rotating, so that there is no retained material on the drum wall and the mixing effect is improved.

More Efficient

FierCo planetary dispersing mixer is composed of a scraper blade and a high-speed dispersing blade. The two sets of stirring blades work at the same time to subject the material to strong shearing and mixing to achieve rapid mixing.

Features of FierCo Planetary Disperser Mixer

FierCo planetary disperser mixer use advanced engineering design and exquisite manufacturing processes to ensure their excellent performance and reliability.

Stable structure

The planetary disperser mixer adopts a solid structural design with high strength and rigidity, and can withstand high-speed rotation and violent movement without vibration or deformation.

High-precision transmission system

We use a sophisticated transmission system, including reliable gears and transmissions, to ensure smooth operation and precise speed control of the mixer.

High-quality materials

We choose high-quality materials that are wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant to ensure the reliability and durability of the equipment over long periods of use.

Intelligent control system

The planetary disperser mixer is equipped with an advanced control system that can accurately adjust mixing speed, time and other parameters to meet different process requirements.

Planetary Disperser Mixer

Improve your dispersing efficiency with FierCo Planetary Disperser Mixer

If you have any questions or need further information about the design details and components of FierCo Planetary Disperser Mixer, we welcome your inquiry.

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