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FierCo plays a vital role in designing and manufacturing durable mixing tanks. We provide solutions for mixing, blending and storing a variety of liquid materials.

FierCo - mixing tanks with agitators

A mixing tank is a kind of industrial equipment, commonly used for mixing, stirring, and storing various liquid, powder, or granular materials. It is widely used in many industries such as chemical, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, water treatment, and so on.

A mixing tank usually consists of a vessel, a stirring device, a transmission device, a support structure, and other components. The vessel of the mixing tank can be made of different materials, such as stainless steel, fiberglass, etc., according to the need to meet the production requirements of different products.

Stirring tanks can improve production efficiency, ensure product quality, and reduce material waste. It is an indispensable piece of equipment for many industries.
FierCo can provide agitator tanks of different sizes, volumes, and materials to meet your production needs.
In addition, FierCo offers a fine customization service according to your detailed requirements. Please contact us for further assistance.

Custom FierCo Mixing Tanks Design

mixing tank with heater

FierCo mixing tank with heater

Heating and stirring tanks are devices used for heating and stirring. Combining stirring function and heating function, it is widely used. Advanced temperature control system monitors and regulates the temperature inside the tank in real time. Stirring device provides powerful stirring force and uniform mixing effect to ensure uniform heating and mixing of materials. The safety device, on the other hand, ensures the safety and reliability of the operation process.

FierCo vacuum mixing tank

FierCo vacuum mixing tank

The vacuum mixing tank has a well-sealed design and can create a low-pressure or vacuum environment inside. Stir and mix materials under low pressure or vacuum environment. Vacuum mixing tanks usually have heating or cooling functions and can perform heat treatment or drying processes in a vacuum environment. This is very important for some reactions or processes that need to be carried out under specific temperature conditions.

FierCo small mixing tank

Small mixing tanks are used for stirring and mixing of small-scale materials, often used in laboratory research, new product development, sample preparation and small-scale production scenarios. It has a small capacity and portability, suitable for small batch liquid mixing and reaction work, easy to move and install between different laboratories or workstations.

FierCo plastic mixing tank

Plastic mixing tanks are commonly used for mixing and stirring various liquid or semi-solid materials, and are characterized by light weight, not easy to rust, and good insulating properties. Usually made of corrosion-resistant plastic materials, such as polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), etc., it is suitable for the production process of many chemical, food, pharmaceutical and other industries.



FierCo stainless steel mixing tank

FierCo stainless steel mixing tank

Stainless steel mixing tanks are usually made of stainless steel materials, such as 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel and so on. Stainless steel has good corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and abrasion resistance, and is widely used in chemical, food, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and other industries. They are suitable for processes such as stirring, mixing, storing and reacting liquid, solid or powder materials.

Pesticide seed mixing tank

FierCo Pesticide seed mixing tank

The seed pesticide mixing tank is a device used to stir and mix seeds and pesticides to ensure even coverage of the seed surface and improve the growth effect of the seeds. Its design and specifications may vary for different agricultural needs, all with the aim of improving seed and pesticide mix uniformity and production efficiency.



Features of FierCo mixing tank with agitator


The mixing tank can be used for many different processes and applications. It can perform a variety of operations such as mixing, suspending, dissolving and reacting materials. By adjusting the mixing method, speed and time, it can meet different process and production requirements.



Agitated tanks usually have good safety features. They are usually equipped with safety guards, such as safety covers, explosion-proof devices, etc., to ensure the safety of operators. In addition, the structure and material selection of mixing tanks usually comply with safety standards and environmental requirements.


Mixing tanks are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, fiberglass, and other materials. Therefore, mixing tanks can handle corrosive materials to maintain durability and stability. Corrosion-resistant materials can also prevent materials from corroding the mixing tank itself and extend the service life of the equipment.

FierCo mixing tank

Production of FierCo mixing tanks

Design and planning:The design and planning of the mixing tank is carried out according to your needs and application requirements. This includes determining the capacity, size, shape, material etc. of the mixing tank.

Material Procurement:Procurement of the required mixing tank materials, such as stainless steel sheets, fiberglass materials, polypropylene sheets, etc., according to the design specifications.

Manufacturing and installation: according to the requirements of the material cutting, welding, bending, stamping and other process operations, to build the main structure of the mixing tank, the installation of mixing blades, motors, transmission devices, inlet, outlet and so on.

Testing and debugging: test and debug the mixing tank, check the operation, sealing performance and other performance indexes of the mixing device.

Quality control: carry out quality control and quality inspection during the whole production process to ensure that the mixing tank meets the design requirements and relevant standards.

Delivery and Installation: After completion of testing and quality control, the mixing tank is delivered to the customer for on-site installation and commissioning. This includes connections to other equipment and piping to ensure that the mixing tank can operate properly.


Free choice of materials for FierCo mixing tanks

When selecting the material of the mixing tank, factors such as the corrosiveness of the medium, temperature, pressure, PH value, as well as process requirements and budget constraints need to be considered. Generally speaking, stainless steel is the most common choice, but for more challenging applications, nickel-based alloys, titanium alloys, or other specialty materials may be needed to meet the requirements.

Material of mixing tank - stainless steel
FierCo Mixing Device Selection

FierCo Mixing Device Selection

FierCo provides a variety of mixing devices for different materials. You can consult FierCo to provide you with professional advice

Why Choose FierCo to Customize Your Mixing Tanks?

mixing tank machine
Mixing tank workshop diagram

FierCo provides you one-stop customized service for agitated tanks. In nearly 10 years of business development of mixing tanks, FierCo has accumulated a lot of production experience and made great progress in design, thickness, welding quality and surface treatment of mixing tanks, which ensures the corrosion resistance and reliability of mixing tanks.

mixing tanks with agitators for Different Industries

Mixing Tanks For Environmental Protection Industry

Custom Mixing Tanks for Environmental protection industry

Stirred tanks can be used in processes such as wastewater treatment, waste treatment and gas absorption. Mixing tanks can be used to mix and agitate sludge to ensure its even distribution and speed up the sludge treatment process. Through the stirring effect of the mixing tank, chemical substances are mixed to achieve the purpose of waste treatment and pollution control, thereby reducing environmental pollution.

Stirred Tanks For Coatings And Paints Industry

Custom stirred tanks for Coatings and paints industry

Some ingredients in the paint may settle or separate, requiring a stirred tank to resuspend them. Stirring through a mixing tank can evenly disperse precipitated pigments or other sediments in the paint again, giving it good stability and consistency.

Stirring Tanks For Agriculture Industry

Custom Stirring Tanks for agriculture industry

Stirring tanks in the field of agriculture are mainly involved in the mixing and stirring of feed, fertilizers, pesticides and feed additives. The application of mixing tanks in agriculture improves the homogeneity of feed and fertilizers, ensures uniform spraying of pesticides, as well as ensures even distribution of feed additives.

Custom Mixing Tanks for Pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical mixing tanks are used in the pharmaceutical industry for mixing, agitating and storing pharmaceutical raw materials, preparations and other related materials. 316L stainless steel is often used to ensure corrosion resistance and chemical stability. It prevents contamination of the material with drugs and ensures the hygienic requirements of the pharmaceutical process.

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