FierCo Lab High Speed Disperser

The laboratory high-speed dispersing machine is mainly  Providing correct data for large-scale production, it can also be used for small-batch production.

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FierCo Lab dispersing machines are mainly used in laboratories of industrial sectors such as paints, coatings, inks, non-mining industries, and magnetic recording materials. They are widely used in scientific experiments, production simulations, and new product development.

Our Lab disperser machine uses digital numbers to directly display the rotation speed of the rotating shaft and is equipped with a variety of dispersing impellers, which can meet the different testing needs of the laboratory.

The relationship between the linear speed of the dispersing impeller, material viscosity, and chemical reaction rate can be directly calculated based on the displayed rotating shaft speed, providing correct data for large-scale production. A wide range of grinding discs are available for dispersing and grinding

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Digital Display

FierCo laboratory dispersing machine has a digital display of speed, stepless speed regulation, can run for a long time, and has stable operation and low noise.

Easy to operate and safe

The FierCo Lab disperser is equipped with a lifting handle can be quickly raised, lowered and fixed; the dispersing plate can be quickly disassembled and replaced, and is easy to clean; it is equipped with a barrel clamping device, which can quickly fix the mixing tank.

Low temperature change

The optional batching barrel has a double-layer cooling jacket, which is cooled by water when the equipment is running, which has a good cooling effect and prevents the material from deteriorating due to temperature.

Features of FierCo Vacuum Disperser

FierCo high-speed Lab dispersing machine is a small dispersing and mixing equipment produced by our company to meet the needs of colleges and universities, scientific research units, and factory laboratories. The production capacity can be 0.1-100L according to needs.

Host: The powerful drive system of the FierCo laboratory dispersing machine host can provide high-speed mixing and dispersing capabilities to ensure uniform dispersion of samples.

Agitator: The agitator is made of high-quality stainless steel material to ensure corrosion resistance and wear resistance. Its unique design can produce strong shear force and turbulence effects, effectively dispersing samples in solvents.

Control system: Our laboratory high-speed disperser is equipped with an advanced control system with precise parameter adjustment and real-time monitoring functions. Through the intuitive touch screen interface, operators can easily set stirring speed, time and other relevant parameters.

Lab High Speed Disperser

Improve your dispersing efficiency with FierCo Lab High Speed Disperser

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