FierCo High Speed Disperser

FierCo is a manufacturer of high-speed dispersing machines. our high-speed mixer is mainly for large-scale production, it can also be used for small-batch production.

Your Professional High Speed Disperser Machine Supplier in China

FierCo high-speed disperser has dispersing and stirring functions and is equipped with a frequency converter for speed regulation. Dispersing discs of different specifications and forms can be replaced according to process characteristics.

The lifting structure uses a hydraulic cylinder as the actuator and an integrated oil tank. Our high-speed disperser mixer is equipment for solid-liquid dispersion and mixing.

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Custom Available

Explosion-proof type, sealed type, type with lifting cover, coaxial/biaxial composite type, multi-cylinder type in one machine, kettle type, etc. Various types of non-standard products can be customized, and the materials can be customized according to requirements.

Easy to operate and safe

The FierCo high-speed disperser is easy to operate, rises, stops, and falls, and is easy to clean. Different dispersing discs can be replaced according to process conditions. It has different clamping methods to quickly fix the mixing tank to prevent the barrel from shifting during work and causing safety hazards


FierCo High speed disperser mixer has a compact structure and can be made into floor-standing or platform types, and the cylinder can be designed to be either movable or fixed. , depending on the material, explosion-proof or ordinary types can be selected.

High Speed Disperser Working Principle

The high-speed disperser is on high-speed rotary dispersion of liquid media. rotates at high speed through the dispersing disc, causing the material to flow in an annular shape, generating a strong vortex and spiraling down to the bottom of the vortex.

Then strong shear collision and friction occur between the particles, achieving the functions of rapid dispersion, dissolution, uniform mixing, and emulsification.

The hydraulic pump or motor drives the plunger to rise and fall, driving the entire transmission mechanism and working group to rise and fall.

high-speed disperser structure

Improve your dispersing efficiency with FierCo High Speed Disperser

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