FierCo High Pressure Reactors

A High-Pressure Reactor is a device used to carry out chemical reactions under high-pressure conditions, which consists of a sealed vessel, a heating system, a stirring device, and a control system. High-pressure reactors are capable of withstanding high pressures and carrying out various chemical reactions at high pressures, including synthesis, catalysis, and oxidation.

  • Safety: materials such as high-strength stainless steel or titanium alloy can withstand high-pressure environments
  • Sealing performance: gaskets, seals, or metal threads to enhance the sealing of the reactor
  • Temperature control: heaters, coolers, and temperature sensors can provide the required high or low-temperature conditions.
  • Stirring system: Stirrers, stirring shafts, motors, and other components are realized to promote the mixing and homogeneity of the reaction
  • Wide range of applications: Used in organic synthesis, catalytic reactions, high-pressure oxidation, and other chemical reactions.


FierCo is committed to providing high quality, reliability, and flexibility of high-pressure reactor equipment to meet your needs and provide you with professional technical support and services.

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