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FierCo offers customized solutions for emulsification plants according to your needs.

An emulsifier is a common industrial equipment that uses mechanical or physical force to shear, stir, impact, or high-pressure two or more immiscible liquids so that the tiny particles in the liquid are evenly dispersed to form a Milky mixture.

Common emulsifiers include high-shear emulsifiers, high-pressure emulsifiers, vacuum emulsifiers, ultrasonic emulsifiers, Hydraulic lifting emulsifiers, and laboratory small emulsifiers.

Emulsifier is widely used in food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries. It can mix incompatible liquids evenly and improve the stability and texture of products..

The choice of emulsifier should be based on your specific production needs and product characteristics, such as liquid density, viscosity, production scale, volatility, explosion-proof properties and desired emulsification effect. Contact FierCo for professional advice and guidance..

Custom emulsifier machine Design

High shear emulsifier

High shear emulsifiers

A high shear disperser is a machine designed to efficiently disperse, emulsify and homogenize liquids or slurries. The dispersion effect is achieved by high shear and strong liquid flow between the high speed rotating blades or rotor and fixed blades. High shear dispersers improve product quality, homogeneity and stability, while shortening production cycles and increasing productivity.


Vacuum Emulsifiers

Vacuum emulsifier is a device specially used to emulsify, homogenize and mix liquids or slurries. Its characteristic is that it can create a vacuum environment during the emulsification process. It usually consists of emulsification tank, stirring device, vacuum system and control system. It can form a vacuum state inside the emulsification tank to prevent the formation of bubbles and oxidation of the product. Emulsified products have a longer shelf life and better quality.

Ultrasonic Emulsifiers

Ultrasonic emulsifier is a device that uses the principle of ultrasonic vibration to emulsify and disperse. It transmits high-frequency ultrasonic energy into liquid or slurry, causing violent vibrations inside the liquid and the formation and collapse of tiny bubbles, thereby achieving the effects of emulsification, dispersion, and mixing.


high pressure homogenizer Emulsifier

High-pressure emulsifier is a piece of equipment specially used for emulsification and homogenization under high-pressure conditions. It forces the liquid or slurry through a narrow channel or nozzle by applying high pressure, subjecting it to violent cutting, impact and shearing in an instant to achieve the emulsification and homogenization effect of the liquid.




Mobile emulsification homogenizer

Mobile Emulsifier homogenizer

The movable emulsifier is a homogenizing equipment with a compact design and lightweight structure. Suitable for temporary or flexible production sites. It has an independent base or wheels for easy movement and installation between workplaces. They generally have a simple, easy-to-use operating system while maintaining good emulsification and homogenization.




Emulsifying Machine-FierCo

Hydraulic lifting emulsifier

Hydraulic lifting emulsifying machine is an emulsifying equipment with a hydraulic lifting system. It is mainly used for emulsification, mixing and homogenization of liquid or slurry. It also has a lifting function and can easily adjust the position and height of the emulsification tank to adapt to different process requirements. Usually have adjustable process parameters, such as stirring speed, emulsification time and temperature, etc., to obtain the required emulsification and homogenization effects.


Features of FierCo emulsifier machine

High emulsification efficiency

FierCo emulsifiers use high-speed rotating impellers and stators to generate strong shear and vibration forces, which can completely break up impurity particles and solid particles, decompose two or more incompatible substances into fine, uniform particles, and emulsify with high efficiency and stability.


Wide range of application

FierCo emulsifier has a wide range of applications and can handle many different materials, including liquid, semi-solid and high viscosity materials. It can be applied to the production needs of many industries, such as food, chemical, pharmaceutical, paint, cosmetic and so on.

Convenient and stable operation

FierCo emulsifier is simple and convenient in operation and maintenance, only need to follow the corresponding instructions can be operated, reducing the operator's workload, emulsification effect of high stability, and the use of high-quality materials and scientific design, so that it has good durability and stability, can be a long time stable operation.

Emulsifier parts

Material selection for FierCo emulsification machine

Stainless Steel
Common types of stainless steel include 304 and 316, which are commonly used for emulsification processes in a variety of food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and other industries due to their excellent corrosion and heat resistance.

Specialty Alloys
Hastelloy or titanium alloys offer higher corrosion resistance and are suitable for emulsification needs for specialty chemicals or special processes.

PTFE has good chemical stability and corrosion resistance. When working with high-viscosity or adhesion-prone substances, the use of PTFE-coated or PTFE-fabricated emulsifying heads prevents adhesion and clogging.

Carbon Steel:
Carbon steel is usually used for less demanding emulsification processes and is less costly. A coating or plating is usually applied to the surface of carbon steel to prevent rust or corrosion.
The choice of emulsifier material is usually determined by the environment in which it is applied and the characteristics of the material being processed.

The key to emulsifying machine - emulsifying head

The emulsifying head is a key component of the emulsifier equipment, also known as emulsifier head, emulsifier unit or emulsifier nozzle, which has an important impact on the emulsification effect.
Material Selection: The emulsifying head is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, special alloys or ceramics, which ensures the durability and chemical stability of the emulsifying head when in contact with different liquids and chemicals.
Size: Emulsifying heads are available in sizes ranging from laboratory grade to industrial production grade and can be customized according to your production needs by contacting FierCo.
Blade Design: With reasonable blade shapes and arrangements, emulsifying heads are able to disperse tiny particles in the liquid evenly, producing a fine emulsification effect. Common blade shapes include flat blades, serrated blades, conical blades and so on.
Cleaning and maintenance: The emulsifying head needs to be cleaned after use to avoid cross-contamination caused by residual substances. Regular maintenance helps to extend the service life of the emulsifying equipment.
If you are confused in choosing an emulsifier, you can also contact FierCo for professional advice!

FierCo emulsifying head

Why choose FierCo to customize your emulsifier equipment?

Emulsifier parts2
FierCo Emulsifier parts3

FierCo provides a full range of customized services for emulsification machinery. FierCo has accumulated a lot of experience in the development of emulsification equipment business in the past 10 years. FierCo is committed to technology research and development and innovation, constantly improving and optimizing the design and performance of emulsifiers, promoting the advancement of emulsification technology, and providing competitive chemical products. Emulsification equipment that satisfies you can be designed and produced according to the different characteristics (viscosity, density, volatility, etc.) of the raw materials you provide.

Application Scenarios for Emulsifier equipments

FierCo emulsifier in Daily-Use Chemicals Industry

Custom Emulsification machinery for Daily-use chemicals industry

Emulsifiers play an important role in the production of household chemicals. They are used to prepare emulsions, creams, milky cosmetics, moisturizers, shampoos, conditioners, and other products. Emulsifiers are capable of mixing oily and aqueous ingredients homogeneously and dispersing active ingredients into tiny particles, thus improving the stability and absorption properties of the product.

FierCo emulsifier in painting andcoating industry

Custom Emulsifiers for Coatings and paints industry

FierCo emulsifiers are commonly used in the production of emulsion paints and coatings. It can emulsify pigments and solvents with high speed shear and extrusion, fine particles, uniform dispersion and thus achieve homogeneous effect, which improves the stability and coating performance of paints.

Custom emulsification machine for Food industry

The emulsifier can evenly mix liquid and solid ingredients to make the product taste delicate and stable, and increase the mouthfeel and texture. Commonly used in making dairy products, sauces, condiments, chocolate, fat emulsification and emulsified oil, etc.

Custom Emulsifier Equipments for Pharmaceutical industry

FierCo emulsifiers are used for mixing, homogenizing and emulsifying pharmaceutical products such as medicinal liquids, injections, oral liquids and eye drops.

Get FierCo Emulsifier Machine machine with Best Pirce

Different industries and application areas have different emulsifier models and configurations to meet specific needs.

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