FierCo Drum Filling Machine

FierCo specializes in the production of various filling equipment. We can produce from simple semi-automatic drum filling machines to integrated closed fully automatic drum filling machines according to the product types and requirements you provide.

Your No.1 Drum Filling Machine Manufacturer in China

FierCo is a professional drum-filling machine manufacturer.

FierCo’s drum-filling machines are designed with attention to detail to provide superior performance and reliability

  • Drum: Made of high-quality materials that are wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, it has excellent durability and a smooth running surface to ensure the stability and accuracy of the filling process.
  • Conveyor system: High-strength chains and transmission devices are used to ensure smooth transportation and accurate positioning of products, improving production efficiency and filling accuracy.
  • Control System: Equipped with advanced automated control systems, including instruments, sensors, and PLC, to achieve precise filling volume control and ease of operation.
  • Precision filling: Through precise liquid level control and flow adjustment, ensure that each product can be filled accurately, avoid excessive or insufficient problems, and improve product consistency and quality.
  • Humanized operation: The intuitive interface design and easy-to-operate control panel enable operators to easily master the use of the machine and quickly make adjustments and troubleshoot.
  • System safety: equipped with multiple safety devices, such as an emergency stop button, leakage alarm system, and overload protection device, to ensure the safety of operators and equipment.
  • Convenient maintenance: The design takes into account the convenience of maintenance, making it easy to clean, repair, and replace key components, reducing downtime and improving production efficiency.

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High-precision filling

FierCo's drum filling machine is equipped with an advanced control system to ensure precise filling and avoid waste and loss.

Good Quality

FierCo drum filling machine all best quality for filling valves, filling accuracy and filling speed to meet your needs


FierCo Drum filling machine can be used for Adhesives, resins, dyes/inks,pigments, detergents, cleaners, plastic additives, polymers and mores

Features of FierCo Drum Filling Machine

  • Capacity customization: Whether you need small, medium, or large filling capacity, FierCo can provide the right solution.
  • Customized filling methods: FierCo’s drum filling machines support a variety of filling methods, such as automatic filling, semi-automatic filling, and manual filling. We can customize a suitable filling method according to your production line requirements and operating habits.
  • Applicable product customization: The drum filling machine can be applied to various liquid, semi-liquid, powder, and granular products. Based on your product characteristics and requirements, FierCo can be customized accordingly to ensure the best filling results.
  • Control system customization: Equipped with an advanced control system, FierCo can customize it according to your requirements, whether it is simple button control or complex touchscreen control.
  • Material customization: FierCo’s drum filling machines are made of high-quality materials, but if you have special requirements, we can also do material customization. For example, stainless steel or special alloy materials, etc.

FierCo is committed to providing you with customized drum-filling machine solutions. If you have any needs for customized options, please feel free to contact FierCo and we will wholeheartedly provide you with professional support.

drum filling machine

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