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Freeing up your productivity, fierCo dispersers help you disperse efficiently and handle a wide range of materials with ease.

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FierCo dispersing mixer has powerful rotating mechanical force and high-speed shearing force, which can effectively disperse particles, pigments, dyes, fillers, and other substances to the micron level, and mix, shear, and stir solid, liquid, or powdery substances evenly. Texture, emulsification.

The dispersing machines are widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, paint, ink, and other industries. It can be used to produce pigments, dyes, emulsions, colloids, coatings, paints, new materials, inks, pigments, adhesives, resins, additives, emulsions, pesticides, daily chemicals, and other products.

FierCo can use explosion-proof and ordinary motors, electrical controllers, etc. in the disperser according to oily and water-based materials. A stand with fixed mixing vessel is also available.

The installation forms of dispersers are floor-standing types and platform types by FierCo Supply to meet your various production needs.

We can also provide you with fine customization services according to your specific dissolver requirements.

Choose Dispersers Types Accourding to Your project

High-speed disperser with adjustable stirring and dispersing speeds can make the materials quickly dispersed and dissolved, the particles become fine, stirring uniformly without dead angle, are easy to clean, wide range of handling capacity, frequency control, digital display of rotational speed, stable operation, low noise, and can be used continuously for a long time.


Biaxial hydraulic disperser is designed for dissolving and dispersing, mixing and homogenizing products of different viscosity. Through the high-speed rotation of multi-layer dispersing discs, it generates powerful stirring and shearing force, which can quickly and effectively disperse particles, solid or powder substances into liquid medium to realize uniform suspension or emulsion.


FierCo custom vacuum high-speed disperser with vacuum sealed lid and kettle, variable speed scraping wall stirring, barrel lid, and pull cylinder to achieve absolute airtight, dispersing speed can be automatically adjusted, the material in the container in a vacuum quickly dispersed and dissolved, particles become fine, stirring uniformly without dead ends, to achieve the effect of vacuum dispersing. 

high speed disperser mixer with fixed lid

High Speed Disperser with Fxed Lid

FierCo custom High-speed disperser with fixed lid, 360-degree rotating mechanism, quick cylinder change, can be equipped with 2-4 containers, and can be mixed in turns.

The versatile laboratory high-speed dispersing machine can perform various functions such as dispersing, grinding, basket sand milling, homogenizing, and emulsifying by selecting different modules to meet a variety of different dispersing needs on one instrument.


FierCo double planetary disperser mixer is composed of a reduction motor, a cover, a planet carrier, three axes of high speed, low speed, and movable scrapers, a wall scraper, a barrel, a double-column hydraulic lifting system, a vacuum system, and a frame. 


Features of FierCo Disperser

Efficient Dispersion

The disperser can effectively disperse solid particles or liquid droplets uniformly into liquid by mechanical action such as rotation, stirring or shearing. It can destroy the aggregation state of particles or liquid droplets to make them better dispersed in the medium and improve the dispersion effect.



The disperser usually has adjustable working parameters, such as rotational speed, stirring strength, etc., which can be adjusted according to different materials and process requirements. This adjustability makes the disperser suitable for materials with different viscosity, concentration and particle size.

Durability and safety

FierCo dispersers are typically built with rugged construction and materials for high reliability and durability, allowing for consistent performance over long periods of continuous operation. In addition, FierCo dispersers are usually equipped with safety devices such as protective devices and emergency stop buttons to ensure the safety of operating workers.

high speed disperser blades

FierCo dispersers Discs

FieCo provides various types of dispersing discs to meet your different needs according to the different materials to be dispersed, such as flat dispersing blades, conical dispersing blades, spiral dispersing blades, and serrated dispersing blades.

FierCo produces different materials of dispersing blades according to years of production experience and different customer needs, such as common stainless steel dispersing blades (304 stainless steel and 316 stainless steel), carbide blades (tungsten carbide and cobalt and other metals mixed), ceramic blades (alumina, zirconia, and silicon carbide, etc.).

The exact choice depends on the material properties(density, viscosity, volatility, etc.), process requirements, and application needs. Please contact FierCo for professional advice when choosing the material for your dispersion disk.

FierCo Dispersers Design

Stable base

Semi-elliptical base design with triangular stabilizing design concept to prevent vibration or shaking when the machine is rotating at high speed.

Hydraulic Lifting

Adopt a high-pressure engineering oil cylinder as a lifting and lowering actuator. Low noise, low energy consumption, and eliminate oil leakage.

Frequency conversion speed regulation

High-performance vector frequency converter, high precision torque control, wide adjustment range.

Axis of dispersion
With high precision and adjustable balance. Materials are provided in stainless steel, hard alloy, titanium ceramic, etc. Single and double axes are free to choose.

Disperser base

Why choose FierCo to customize your dispersers?

FierCo offers a full range of customized services for disperser machinery. In nearly 10 years of disperser business development, FierCo has accumulated a lot of experience in designing and producing customer-satisfied machinery and equipment according to the different characteristics of the raw materials (viscosity, density, volatility, etc.) provided by the customer.

dispersers for Different Industries

chemical industry

Custom disperser for Chemical industry

High-speed disperser mixers are widely used in the chemical industry for the dispersion and mixing of pigments, dyes, coatings, colloids, resins, and other materials. It can quickly disperse solid particles or powder into a liquid medium to realize uniform suspension or emulsion.

painting and coating industry

Custom disperser for Coatings and paints industry

High-speed disperser homogenizer plays an important role in coatings and paints manufacturing. It can mix and disperse materials such as pigments, solvents, and additives in a fast and uniform way so that the coatings and paints have good color and texture.

daily chemical industry

Custom disperser for Daily chemicals industry

High-speed disperser machine plays a key role in the production of detergents, cleaners, personal care products, and other daily chemicals. It can mix various ingredients evenly to ensure the quality and stability of the products.

Custom disperser for Pharmaceutical industry

In the pharmaceutical industry, high-speed disperser is used for the preparation and mixing of drugs. It can mix and dissolve active ingredients, excipients, and solvents quickly and uniformly for the preparation of drug solutions, suspensions, and so on.

You May Also ask About fierCo dispersers


As a trustworthy disperser manufacturer, FierCo can customize the disperser’s capacity, materials, dispersion speed, control system, etc. according to your specific needs.

FierCo recommends that you have in-depth communication with our sales engineers based on your production needs and material characteristics, and we will provide you with professional advice.

FierCo’s dispersers strictly adhere to relevant industry quality and safety standards. The design and manufacturing process follows international standards and is certified.

Yes, FierCo provides comprehensive after-sales service and technical support. FierCo’s professional team can provide equipment installation, commissioning and training services

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10+ years of experience in designing and manufacturing dispersers, professional R&D team, high precision design, and competitive disperser price.

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