FierCo Bead Mill

FierCo bead mill can grind materials to a nanometer level. Especially for high-demand paints, inks, automotive paints, electronic slurries, new lithium battery materials, nanomaterials, pesticides, fuels and other medium and low viscosity materials.

FierCo: Your Bead Mill Manufacturer

FierCo horizontal bead mill, also known as sand mill, is a continuously working closed wet grinding equipment used for finer grinding of water-based and oil-based granular materials.

FierCo Bead Mill machine is suitable for the industrial production of materials with medium to low viscosity and good fluidity that require micron and nanometer particle sizes.

The bead mill homogenizer machine mainly consists of a casing, a grinding groove, a driving device, a grinding groove rotor, abrasive beads, and a control system.

FierCo horizontal bead mill adopts strict production and manufacturing processes, from material selection, design, processing, and assembly to testing, to ensure stable and reliable product quality. As a reliable manufacturer, FierCo is committed to providing you with high-quality chemical equipment.

Material selectionFierCo strictly select high-quality raw materials to ensure stable and reliable product quality.
DesignUnder the guidance of an experienced team of engineers, precision design is carried out to meet customers’ processing needs.
ProcessingUsing advanced production equipment and technology, each component is carefully processed to ensure product efficiency and reliability.
AssemblyAfter strict quality control procedures, all components are assembled to ensure stable product performance.
TestingStrict testing is conducted before leaving the factory to ensure that the quality of each bead mill meets standards to ensure customer satisfaction.


Easy to operate. FierCo Bead mill is equipped with a bead receiving hopper. The grinding chamber and the frame are easily connected and disassembled. It is equipped with a pulley device to detach the cylinder and effectively clean the chamber and zirconium beads. It can be used for materials of different colors and types.

Safety Monitoring

The grinding chamber is equipped with a special cooling water jacket, which is cooled by water when the equipment is running, which has a good cooling effect. The normal temperature rise is less than 10º. The equipment is equipped with temperature and pressure monitoring, and can set "protection values" to ensure product quality.


The difference in the structure of the dispersion disc determines the grinding efficiency. In comparison, the structure of the dispersion disc of FierCo bead mill has a larger area to act on the zirconia beads, driving greater force and better effect;

Horizontal Bead Mill Working Principle

The diaphragm pump of the horizontal sand mill forms a circular grinding process between the material in the tank and the grinding chamber.

The high filling rate grinding media in the cavity is driven by the rotation of the dial to move the grinding media at high speed, which generates great impact, friction, and shearing forces so that the materials can be fully ground and mixed.

At the same time, the screen separates the material from the grinding medium, and the material continuously flows from the material tank to the grinding chamber to achieve the purpose of smaller particle size and narrower particle size range.

Bead mill structure diagram

Improve your productivity with Bead Mill Machine

If you have any questions or need further information about the design details and components of the FierCo Bead Mill, we welcome your inquiry.

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