FierCo Basket Mill

FierCo basket mill is a mechanical equipment used for wet grinding and dispersing granular materials. A basket Mill consists of a rotating basket and a basket filled with sand beads.

It uses a self-priming impeller to absorb the material, grinds it very finely in the basket mill cavity, and produces dispersion, mixing, and circulation effects under the action of a high-speed dispersion disc.

It has a good grinding effect for industries with high fineness requirements such as coatings, pesticides, and inks. At the same time, the cleaning solution is very convenient, has little residue, and is economical and practical.

Your Basket Mill Machine Manufactuer In China -FierCo

FeirCo basket Mill integrates dispersion and grinding. It is suitable for wet grinding of medium and low-viscosity fluids.

Our basket mill an intermittent industrial production equipment.

FierCo grinding basket has a reasonable structure design, making it easy to clean and change colors and types of equipment; the lifting structure can be optional according to needs;

FierCo basket mill is an ideal dispersing grinding equipment for products of many varieties and colors.

As a professional and reliable manufacturer of basket sand mills, FierCo is committed to providing excellent products and high-quality manufacturing processes.

Design and R&DFierCo’s manufacturing process begins with the professional design and R&D stage. An experienced team of engineers will design a high-performance, high-efficiency basket sand mill based on your needs and market trends.
Material procurement and inspectionFierCo selects high-quality material suppliers and conducts comprehensive material inspections. Only materials that pass strict quality control and inspection procedures can enter our production lines.
Manufacturing and AssemblyDuring the manufacturing process, we use advanced production equipment and precise processing techniques to ensure that the quality and performance of each basket sand mill reaches the highest standards.
Quality Control & TestingFierCo focuses on quality control and conducts strict quality inspections and testing at every production stage.
After-sales serviceOur service does not stop at product delivery, we provide comprehensive after-sales service and support. Whether it is product installation, debugging, or training and technical support, we have a professional team ready to help you.

Easy Clean

FierCo Bucket Mill is suitable for products that frequently change colors. It is easy to clean and requires less solvent for cleaning.

Speed Regulation

Equipped with frequency converter to achieve stepless speed regulation,basket mill operation Easy


FierCo Bucket mill can be used for the dispersion and grinding of product materials in industries such as ink, color paste, adhesive, biology, medicine, food, cosmetics, coatings, photovoltaic materials, etc.

FierCo Ebasket Mill Working Principle

The basket mill achieves the grinding and dispersion of particles through the friction and impact between the grinding beads and the material in the rotating basket.

Basket mill grind processing is when The material is placed in the basket, and as the basket rotates, the frosted beads grind, crush, and disperse the material to achieve the desired particle refinement and uniform dispersion.

Basket sand mill structure

Improve your dispersing efficiency with FierCo Bucket Mill

If you have any questions or need further information about the design details and components of the FierCo Bucket Mill, we welcome your inquiry.

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