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Chemical Machinery and Equipment Supplier for different kinds of liquids, powders in different industries.


FierCo supports new non-standard customization. Provide comprehensive Chemical Processing Equipment solutions in overall planning, design, manufacturing and service

Intelligent Technology

FierCo has outstanding R&D personnel, technicians, programmers, and quality inspectors in the industry, and strictly controls every work process.

Service Strength

Reliability at FierCo's Core. On-time delivery, Lifelong provision of accessories, timely response, training and installation guidance for Your chemiacal Processing equipment and solutions.

FierCo - Professional Chemical Equipment Machinery Manufacturer in China

FierCo Chemical Processing Equipment has been used in paints and coatings, ink chemicals, resin synthesis, pharmaceutical chemicals, daily necessities, pesticides, Food, etc different industries since 1997

We FierCo can customize the production of different kinds of Chemical Machinery according to your requirements. We will provide the perfect turn-key solution for your chemical machinery!

Our chemical machinery & equipment include a high-speed disperser, reactor, bead mill, mixing tank,  automatic filling machine,  labeling machine, powder mixing machine, Packing Machine automatic palletizer, automatic Pallet wrapping machine, etc.

let us be the value chemical Machinery partner that propels you forward!

FierCo Chemical Machinery & Equipments List

FierCo offers you a variety of dispersion blades, offering high flow and ultra-high shearing capabilities. All dispensers are available with Hydraulic Lifting or explosion-proof to meet all environments.

FierCo bead mill adopts professional wet grinding technology, with narrow particle size distribution, ultra-fine dispersion, and nano grinding. It can grind for tens of thousands of hours and has low maintenance costs.

We manufacture custom stainless steel chemical tanks that are available in a wide range of application selections and can be used as liquid storage tanks, liquid mixing tanks, liquid heating or cooling tanks, and so on.

FierCo manufactures custom liquid filling machines including automatic barrel loading, automatic filling, automatic capping, automatic labeling, automatic palletizing, and automatic pallet wrapping, and More

FierCo emulsifying machines have a hydraulic type, pneumatic type, hand type, frequency conversion explosion-proof, and so on according to the lifting method.

we supply custom chemical reactors for pharmaceutical industries, color and dye industries, petrochemical industries, fine chemical industries, and many more.

Applications of FierCo Chemical Machinery & Equpimenat

FierCo has a detailed knowledge of chemical process requirements by application. we have provided different chemical machinery solutions for you in different industries.

Wet Milling Machine

Custom Chemical Machinery & Equpiment Solution

FierCo has a detailed knowledge of process requirements by application. The versatility of FierCo Chemical machines is evident in the fact that they are equally as valuable and adaptable across several industries.

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Custom Chemical Equipment -FierCo

Custom Chemical machinery & Equipment for Your Project

Our clientele, ranging from Resin Plants and Coating and Paint Plants to Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Plants, recognize the necessity of partnering with suppliers who understand the intricacies of their operations. In this high-stakes environment, the quality of your Chemical machinery and equipment directly influences the quality of your end products, operational efficiency, and ultimately, your market position.

Detail Inquiry

Please tell us your detailed requirements, such as material type, capacity, and raw materials, etc.

Design and Production

FierCo's professional engineers will give you design drawings when get your inqiury. After you confirm, then we will produce your high-quality chemical process equipment.

Delivery and After-sales

Standard wooden box packaging, free training on use and installation drawings, lifetime supply of accessories

Why FierCo Chemical Machinery & Equipment is Trusted by 1000+ Global Clients

FierCo Chemical Machinery & equipment are efficient, automated, and environmentally friendly, and also competitively priced to match your application.

Our comprehensive approach to providing value, from cost-saving factory prices and bespoke customization options to our unwavering commitment to quality and timely delivery, sets us apart. In an industry where every detail counts。 We invite you to explore how our chemical machinery and equipment can transform your production processes, enhance your product quality, and elevate your position in the industry. 

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"FierCo customer service was great. Quick to respond, communicates well, and answered all my questions, which lead to my purchase. Good quality controller with quality craftsmanship and clean installation. I'll definitely purchase chemical machinery &equpment again in the future.."
Jenny Wilson
from USA
"I like the welding and good quality materials for my chemical mixing tank. Definetly going to order more. I recommend FierCo. Good quality with good price ."
Luc Guillaume
From Australia
"the service and my chemical progress equipment quality is very good. They instructed us toinstall very carefully, thanks!"
Amro Mobin
From Egypt
"Maxwell helped me prepare my order so that everything was taken care of. I am happy with the quality of my chemical machinery equpment I purchased. It arrived very quickly and delivery was door to door which made it very easy for me."
Khaireddin Alomush
From UK
"Very patient sales, FierCo Chemical machine is more perfect than I imagined. It is a pleasure to work with you!"
Igor Alfonso
From Russia
"Good guy and good mixer tank . the polish is very nice .I will introduce my friends to buy FierCo Chemical Machine”
Thilak Cooray
From Thailand

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